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Prayer Requests

The information submitted on this form will only be shared with the Healing Rooms team members.  By filling out this form, you acknowledge your consent for any information you give to be shared with the team.


Please complete the form and provide the following information in the Subject area before clicking the Send button:


  • Describe your condition...

  • Has your condition been medically diagnosed?


"I had lost sensitivity to touch in my left thumb and first finger from a kitchen accident. I had constant pain in my hand at some level. I also had a very swollen right leg causing my pants to fit tight on that leg. After ministry I could make a circle with my thumb and first finger (the sign of "okay"). My pain is almost gone and I surprised myself by picking up my purse with the left hand without pain. The swelling in my leg reduced so much you could see the bones in my knee."

- Gwen


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